Fancy Films | Anh Pham
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Anh Pham


Motion Graphics Designer/Animator
BA Multimedia, RMIT

Anh is responsible for the management of the entire production team at Fancy Films. After 10 years in the business, there’s no challenge he can’t handle. Anh’s enthusiasm for animation, motion graphics and design combines a strong technical skill with exceptional creative flair.  A self-described ‘tech-geek’ with a keen eye for detail, Anh is constantly looking for new and exciting ways to add style and interest to our projects.

Anh is talented in distilling often complex or dry scenarios into simple moments through his smooth execution and quirky animation style. Recent highlights include Australia Post, Red Cross & City of Port Phillip, where Anh loved creating characters with personality in a fresh, naive style incorporating elements of soft humour.

Clients love the subtle references to the latest trends Anh brings to his characters, key to delivering delightful pieces which make audiences smile.