Fancy Films | Keryn Nossal
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Keryn Nossal

BA Media Studies, Film & TV, RMIT

Keryn Nossal is the Founder, Beneficial Owner and Managing Director of Fancy Films, a women-run creative content agency based in Melbourne, Australia.

Renowned for her creative and collaborative approach, passion for social justice and commitment to inclusivity, Keryn created Fancy Films in 2002. She has built her business producing high-end, branded
content for some of Australia’s largest companies, most recently National Australia Bank, Australia Post, Metro Trains, Monash University, Austin Health and the Australian Government. Keryn’s work merges the worlds of film and corporate videos to create authentic content and compelling stories with a strong, social agenda.

As a Creative Director, her skill and proven style lies in her ability to distil complex messages into easily accessible content and engaging with audiences at all levels. Keryn understands the importance of
connecting emotionally and the need for authenticity, and she is able to bring all these elements together to drive change. Keryn’s journalistic style and insight puts her in high demand as a Creative Director in the
corporate world as she is able to create strategic, engaging content that successfully achieves business outcomes.
Keryn supports many not-for-profit organisations with her pro bono work which is centred around the key themes of medical research, social justice, homelessness, Indigenous education, as well as diversity and
In addition to her award-wining work for CSIRO, Australia Post and Telstra, Keryn was recently recognised for The Jandamarra Story (2018), The Annie Effect (2018) and Yiramalay (2016).