Fancy Films | Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusive Australia

Inclusive Australia is a project to foster inclusion and diversity in all aspects of Australian life.

Out For Australia

Out for Australia strives to combat the anxieties and uncertainties young LGBTIQIA+ Australians face when entering the workforce. OFA’s mentoring program pairs LGBTIQIA+ students and young workers with experienced professionals so that they can be their authentic selves in workplaces which celebrate diversity.

From A to Me

‘From A to Me,’ is a short doco style web series profiling a diverse range of inspiring Australian female leaders as our pledge for #100daysforchange. Featuring candid interviews and authentic discussion about what it means to be a female leader in Australia today, the series engages women and men to address the gender gap for a more inclusive workspace.

This is a series about women, by women…

Australian Gender Equality Council

AGEC is working to accelerate change towards gender equality in the workplace. In raising awareness and developing research-driven policy, the Council is propelling a cultural shift for empowerment and respect. In support of their #ItsTime campaign, we hit the streets to gauge people’s reactions to the reality of gender inequity.