Fancy Films | Our Process
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Our Process

Our Process

Our Process

Four production categories catering for all budgets, with simplified production templates.

Online briefing & approval process.

Brief & Pre-Production

Once you have completed our online briefing form, we will wrap our heads around your project and work to add elements to your brief which ensure you achieve the best value from this important exercise.

Research into all aspects of your message takes place in the brief to pre-production phase and you must be happy and confident prior to production that the concepts submitted best suit your needs.

Brief and Pre Production
Production and Post Production

Production & Post-Production

Upon commencement of your project, we will assign you a designated Production Manager for the entire project. This will be your main point of contact to streamline the production phases and provide seamless consistency through all stages of your project.

You will also be assigned a Director who will oversee the creative execution including direction of filming on the day. The Director and Production Manager work efficiently together to ensure your production is realistic, convincing and fit for purpose. Both the Director and Production Manager are available to attend any meetings as required in order to facilitate the desired production of the project.

Fancy Films’ offices and post-production edit suites are located in St Kilda, Melbourne and we encourage our clients to be involved in the editing process.

We manage the approval process through a simple online platform that allows you to circulate videos and provide feedback in one easy step.