Fancy Films | Fancy Films and Our B-Corp Work 2023
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Fancy Films and Our B-Corp Work 2023

Fancy Films and Our B-Corp Work 2023

Fancy Films works to serve the underrepresented communities locally and Australia-wide and cause a conversational stir that socially impacts these communities for the better. In our work with the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS) and the implementation of our services for Melbourne University’s Conversations About The Voice, our mission is to bring a voice to these demographics who often go unheard. Specifically, we aim to shine a light on existing strife, tensions, frustrations, and hurt that are rarely discussed in the wider communication sphere. We also dedicate our services to the more joyous and celebratory aspects of these communities, bringing vibrant, youthful faces front-and-centre, representing their energy within Australia. We highly encourage any business, whether just starting out or veterans in the industry, to embrace their local culture and to reflect on the longevity and impact these groups will hold if they are given a chance to shine. Together, we can work together to create a reconciled Australia.

As well as cementing our relationships with the overlooked members of our local society, the Fancy team have been hard at work, solidifying our policies and ensuring we’re meeting the B-Corp requirements. Through our discussions, brainstorms, and research, we have generated a slew of methods that you can use to lower your environmental impact within your company while fostering an efficient and harmonious social atmosphere in the office:

  • Keeping the office, kitchen, and bathrooms stocked with eco-friendly products, including but not limited to Ecostore, Aesop, HP Earth First, Notely, and Ecolyfe
  • Encouraging the use of virtual meetings to reduce superfluous waste and the environmental impact of travelling to work
  • Noting the Green Leaders symbol of TripAdvisor, or general green hotels
  • Owning an easily accessible and identifiable set of bins for recycling, e-waste, compost, and general rubbish and having a local rubbish collection point that offers outlets for each type of waste
  • When purchasing outside food, imploring employees to bring a plate or bowl to replace the disposable packaging the restaurant may offer

At Fancy Films, our core values hinge on the environmental and social impact our work has on the local community, underrepresented communities, and globally. Being a B-Corporation wholly aligns with our workplace ethics, our mission, and our company’s determination and passion to drive positive change with every video we produce.

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