Fancy Films | Exciting Changes in Australia’s Transport Sector
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Exciting Changes in Australia’s Transport Sector

Exciting Changes in Australia’s Transport Sector

There are some major developments happening within the Australian Transport sector. Exciting, cutting-edge innovations that are driving large-scale projects bringing the future well within reach now. Commuters can expect more tech enhanced travel, with the convenience of easier to navigate, safer and enjoyable journeys a new kind of normal.

We’re honoured to work with our clients on projects that change the way people access transport across the country. Ultimately commuters benefit, yet it’s the internal shifts big companies are making that directly impact customer experience, from increased use of interactive, virtual reality training software to encouraging staff communities to give to their favourite causes with the strength of an amplified force.

Transit Systems | Bridj

Bridj is an intelligent, on-demand bus service launched by Transit Systems in Western Sydney in December.

Bridj uses big data to analyse customer demand patterns and gives commuters directions or bus arrival information in real-time using a smart phone app. The new system aims to enhance existing public transport networks by reducing congestion in growing cities, like Sydney where it has been introduced in Australia. Customers can book days or minutes in advance, and know exactly how much trips cost before they set foot on to a bus.

TransDev | Spirit

Spirit is Transdev’s new workplace giving program that encourages staff (known as ‘journey makers’) to donate to their favourite charities using their pre-tax dollars. Transdev pledges to match every donation dollar to the value of $100 per year. It’s done with the philosophy of having a bigger impact if they join together as a community and give to causes they care about. There are over 1800 causes in 16 different industries for journey makers to choose from.

Metro Trains

Metro Melbourne Tunnel Project Metro Trains is delivering new infrastructure via the new Melbourne Tunnel Project. Five new underground stations connected by two twin tunnels will join the Sunbury and Dandenong corridors and provide a new inner city connection to take the pressure off the existing city loop. The project promises an increase in services across Melbourne’s commuter rail network, reduce crowding, and provide high capacity trains, bringing massive benefits to commuters.

All of these initiatives bring innovative ways of improving existing services, by creating a sense of community and ownership. They directly address Australia’s fast growing population and also allow for international visitors to enjoy the level of public transportation that they are accustomed to.

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