Fancy Films | Filming Can Too in Sydney
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Filming Can Too in Sydney

Filming Can Too in Sydney

One of my favourite projects last year was the trip to Sydney to shoot a pro bono video for CanToo. It was the first time I’d travelled interstate for work at Fancy and it was a totally fantastic experience.

This project is a heart-warming short film about Annie Crawford telling the story of how she founded CanToo, a non-profit organisation that runs group fitness and training programs for people who want to get fit, but it also encourages them to raise money for Cure Cancer Australia. Annie has inspired people to raise $19 million for cancer research and she wants to inspire many more people through this film.

The shoot started early morning with Joe Nossal as camera assistant. I operated the gimbal chasing people’s feet. I had a lot of fun with Joe who is always helpful on shoots and this is such great work experience for him.

Later we worked as camera assistants for Andre Eavis, who was the DOP / cinematographer for the first Master Chef series premiere. He taught me many tricks like how to use footwork with the gimbal to follow a running object. He also taught Joe and I how to compose and choreograph shot by shot. We made such a great team and I think that’s why I love our industry, the way knowledge is shared on the job in a hands on fashion, which is a wonderful aspect of our work together.

This trip has become unforgettable to me. I feel really fortunate and thankful to Keryn for bringing me along to assist and learn, and to Annie for letting me stay in her beautiful home on Manly beach. Not only was I able to work with great and talented people like Joe and Andre, but I am proud to be a part of such an inspirational project.  

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