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It’s a Fancy life

It’s a Fancy life

One of the things I love most about life at Fancy is this heightened awareness of being able to do whatever we like, whenever we like. Though it’s got nothing to do with a lax work culture, Keryn has spent time cultivating a business where this daring sense of freedom is at the core of everything we do. A major realisation for me in the past year has been that once you harness a more positive, life-by-design mindset, the possibilities are open ended. Forever.

For our clients, the first answer is always Yes. The hows and whys come later.

With every project that rolls in, the Fancy team learns about our ability to develop ideas, be challenged, adapt and produce amazing work that pleases our clients and their audiences. I think some creatives can tend to get stuck in their own heads, so I’ve spent the past few months trying to encourage everyone to open up to change, hone their storytelling skills, and share. Share a lot. Of course, not everyone is a budding writer, or natural spinner of the yarn, but the point is that the information and insights get shared around because they are interesting and entertaining. As a team we are often in lots of different places at one time and we understand that this is not necessarily the norm for others. I have very much enjoyed getting to know how the team works out in the field, all the places they’ve been, and how these experiences shape the character of the content we produce.
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