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The Power of Branding

The Power of Branding

While working at Fancy Films this past year, the company has undergone a major brand refresh. After 15 years in the biz, it was time.

I took on the job of ‘Fancy-fying’ the office. I started by getting new company USBs and black polo shirts embroidered with our logo, for the team to wear out on shoots. We then expanded to having window decals made for the front entrance foyer and each department of the Fancy office. When the office entrance decal was applied to the glass, the whole team gathered on the street in front of our building excitedly yelling, filming and snapping pics as the sign went up.

We then ordered chic keep cups frosted with the Fancy Films logo. These double-wall glasses are not only the most stylish corporate merchandise around, but they’re also helping us fight the war on waste. It’s estimated that in Australia 1 billion disposable coffee cups are used and discarded per year. Every morning I feel almost smug with pride handing over my Fancy Films coffee cup, frowning down at the “wasteful ones” who still use paper cups (ugh).

The most recent addition to our rebrand odyssey are the Fancy puffer vests which came just in time for our Fancy AGM ski trip to Mount Buller! When I arrived back to the office from the embroiderers, the team excitedly spent the day strutting around in our new trendy get up, it was like Christmas morning!

These elements all combine to send a message to our clients and the world that we love where we work, we are a strong team and we have what we need to do great work. Strong branding leaves a lasting impression of professionalism and pride. A logo that works well on all this merch is also a huge plus (and so much fun to work with). What next? Perhaps a range of ski separates, or even Fancy branded cheeses? We do love a bit of the fromage life.

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